Well here is my Raven Guard list. For those of you who dont know, Raven Guard is known for scouts and a lot of jump packs. I tried to honor that. Also, from the betrayel of Istvaan V, they dont like using tanks. So keep that in mind and thanks for any advice.

Raven Guard Army List

Chaplain - Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Terminator Honors, jump pack, bolt pistol
-101 points

Dreadnought – heavy flamer, dreadnought close combat weapon, twin linked lascannon, extra armor
-140 points

Tactical Squad Alpha – 10 man tactical squad with 1 flamer, 1 missile launcher, 1 with bp + cc, 7 with bolters
Rhino APC – extra armor, pintle storm bolter -231 points
Scout Squad Foxtrot – 6 man squad with sniper rifles
-108 points
Tactical Squad Zulu – 8 man squad with 1 missile launcher, 6 bolters, and sarge with bp + cc
- 130 points

Assault Squad Beta – 10 man assault squad with 8 bolt pistols, chainswords, and krak grenades, 1 with plasma pistol, chainsword, and krak grenades, veteran sergeant with terminator honors, plasma pistol, power fist, meltabombs -304 points

Land Speeder Typhoon – Typhoon missile launcher (twin linked frag missiles), multi-melta -90 points

Assault Squad Tango – 5 man with 3 bp + cc,krak nades, 1 plasma pistol + cc, krak nades, vet sarge with power weapon, plasma pistol, termie honors, meltabombs
-180 points
Heavy Support
Devastator Squad Omega – 1 sergeant with bp + cc, 1 marine with bolter, 4 marines with lascannons
-216 points

Total=46 troops
3 vehicles
1500 points

There you go, the Chappie flys with the 5 man team. Most people get freaked out by 15 jump packers and a Chappie flyin at them so they dont really pay attention to the Rhino and Dreadnought that is sneakin up on the flank that drops out 10 guys to deal more pain. While the 8 man squad slowly moves up takin care of any deep strikers or advancing bad guys. Scouts give covering fire support to Assault squads. So does Land Speeder while also taking out troops and light vehicles(bikes, jetbikes, vypers, etc.). I dont think I have to tell you what the lascannons are for and the other two are to take the wounds(if any&#33. So far I am 2-1-1. Yay! Thanks for any advice.