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    Need Voice Script Writers and Actors for various projects!

    To the community...

    I need competent script writers to design unit lines voice actors will speak for in-game use with various near-completed Dawn of War mod projects.

    You MUST know the War40k faction in-question and be committed to building accurate voice script lines for specific unit types. I have a group of voice actors waiting on lines you will be putting together.

    The following War40k factions (highlighted in bold) need voice lines made for each unit:

    Space Marines - Fallen Angels -- being handled by someone exclusively so all good here.
    Space Marines - White Scars

    --These are now done!
    Black Templars
    Blood Angel
    Dark Angels
    Legion of the Damned
    Space Wolves: 13th Company

    --These are now done!
    Death Guard
    Emperor Children
    Iron Warriors
    Thousand Sons
    World Eaters
    Word Bearers

    Imperial Guard - Praetorians
    Imperial Guard - Vahallans

    --These are now done!
    Death Korps of Krieg
    PDF Guard

    Eldar Craftworld- 5 branches

    Tau Farsight Enclaves - 5 branches

    Orks Armageddon - 6 branches

    Please come forth immediately if you know any or more of the above War40k factions VERY WELL and are able to write out 30-60 voice lines per unit. I will ensure your efforts are credited when the project goes out the door to the public.

    NOTE: Voice Actors are also welcome to audition for the parts above. Please do so if you believe you can make clear and crisp recordings.

    Thanks everyone!

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