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    How much and what types of terrain do you use?

    I haven't started a poll because its more for inofrmation purposes.

    In my gaming group we typically use 1-2 forest type area terrain pieces consisting of about 6 trees and then 4 -6 pices of impassable terrain ruins.

    The problem I have is with the types of terrain which tend not to reallyobstruct LoS but occasionally offer cover.

    Is this an adequate amount. I always maintain that you need a couple of big building types that can block LoS like the imperial bastions.

    Interested in how other gaming groups play.

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    Generally, we play most games using the 25% terrain rule as a standard, although we do hold games where it it can past 50% for fluffy or thematic games.

    As a standard though, a lot of games we play use:
    Razor wires, tank traps and other bitz and pieces where it provides mediocre cover but slows (or halts) movement.
    A select few pieces of area terrain, towards to the centre of the table.
    3+/4+ cover save terrain that are typically put into tactically advantageous places (ie objective sitting)
    And one defining (and often very large) piece of terrain to add that bit of unique play to the game. We like to use our scratch built rocky plateau piece which is big enough to hold 4 multiple CC engagements within 4" of each other and on different levels.

    As for your dilemma about LOS blocking terrain, buildings are the way to go. Or you could try a very tall hill or natural feature that is sufficient to block out a third of the playing field.

    City battlefields are a lot of fun as there's enough buildings to stop players from using 'Leafblower' or other static mechanised builds as they won't get LOS from their deployment area, forcing players to meet each other in the middle. Great fun, almost always results in a close win/loss. (But I don't use cityfight rules, they're a touch outdated for my liking). We plan on making additions, such as a great big foundry and large comms array. It'll be great for jump troops, jetbikes and skimmers, coming in from over.
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    The important thing is balance. It generally doesn't matter how much terrain there is (although 4 pieces would definitely be the minimum), as long as there's a balanced number in each section of the table.

    Personally, I find the 25% rule works well, which usually works out to 3-5 large pieces, and 3-5 small pieces. I also think that at least one piece of area terrain is nice, especially if it's in the middle of the board. This keeps the map from easily turning into a shooting gallery.
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