1500pt Tyranid Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    hey you guys, i was just wondering if you could give me any suggestions on my 1500 pt armie

    also, can ur hivetyrant leave his tyrant guard, and can a carni join them? :unsure:

    here is my 1500pt army:

    hive tyrant, 2 gurad-venom cannon, scything talons, implant attack on tyrant, bs4, 2+save

    3 leaping warriors-4+save, rc, scything talons

    3 warriors-scything talons, 2 death spitters, 1 venomcannon, 4+save

    8 genestealers-normal (rc)

    8 genestealers-normal(rc)

    20 leaping gaunts-scything talons, WS4, ST4, I5,

    16 gaunts-ST4, spinefists

    4 leaping rippers- 1 with rending claws

    carnifex-barbed strangler, 2+save, scything talons

    2 zoanthropes-both with warp blast

    This army does quite well against tau and eldar, but any help would be appreciated


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    First off I think youll find a carnifex with 2 venom cannons to be much more effective than the 1 you have since a barbed strangler makes it really difficult to hunt tanks (a carnifexs job), and anyone who knows sh** about nids will move their tanks away from the fex (the big guy wont ever reach CC). Second, gaunts without hivenodes have the survival rate of a grot. Also you might want a winged hive tyrant--with all the str 10 shots youll be making each turn, any more guns would be a waste.

    also, can ur hivetyrant leave his tyrant guard, and can a carni join them?
    Yes they can, I suggest joining them with the fex as soon as possible.
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    Tomb Kings: 8/5/2

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