To start, i didnt know if this shoudl go in here or army fluff, i decided it would be better placed here so sorry if it isnt. Feel free to move or delete it.

Okay i just wanted to know what songs people think match the primarchs, this can be anything from the song like the lyrics or just the style of music and i would appreciate it if you gave reasons for what song you think goes well with the primarch.

If you ask me the song Idestrucatable by the band Disturbed could go with most if not all the primarchs for they are Indestructable masters of war but i think it fits Konrad Curze (aka Night Haunter) the best. My reasons for this are the lyrics of the song e.g.

"Another mission, The powers have called me away." For when Horus sent him on his crusade of fear to distract the Emperium during the Horus Heresy.

"Every broken enemy will know,That their opponent had to be invincible." and "From the other side. A terror to behold." Konrad and his legion tactics were based around scaring there enemy to death and shattering moral, litteraly breaking them so when the Night Lords came in for the final strike there enemies had already given into there dispair and fear making them that much easier to destroy.

"Another dark destroyer that's buried within, My true vocation." Before the Horus Heresy the empire used Night Haunters legion to scare humanity and keep them in line, many were terafied that officials in there planet would go rouge and the Night lords would be sent to sort it out. This line goes with the darker nature that was in Konrad that was brought out more with the job the Emperor entrusted him with.

Okay i'll stop there because yeah its long but you can find more connection bettween the song and Konrad. Anyways its time for you guys to give me your songs and the primarchs that go with them and for the love of all thats good please correct me if any of my information is wrong.