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    New exotic weapons: good or bad?

    Hey all, this came up in conversation the other night and i figured it could be quite an interesting topic.

    Before the 5th edition codexs, as a general rule most special weapons tended to all follow the same pattern and have similar stats. For example the gun on a heavy destroyer is just a lascannon, if a weapon had the lance special rule it would be heavy 1, S8 ap2. Same deal with melta, theyre all S8 ap 1.

    The point im trying to make is that the weapons certainly werent as unique and diverse as they could have been.

    However with the 5th edition books, these rules have started to branch out a bit. The lance rule made an appearance in a book that wasnt eldar, we got some wapons that were totally different to anything ever seen before (deathstrike, conversion beamer (although i gather thats been around before) manticore, JoTWW, the new nightspinner ect ect.)

    Theres also even more supposed combinations in the new books, i vaguely remember something about DE getting a S6 melta, lance gun and theres many calls for heavy destroyers to get lance aswell.

    So do you like these new quite different weapon types from the 5th edition books, or do you find they over complicate things a bit?

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    Well, weapons that have the same profile arn't necessarily the same weapon. An Imperial Melta Gun is going to work "differently" (This is fluff not actual game play) than an Eldar or a Tau variant. Just like how Tau Plasma Guns are only Str6 as . Also, you have to realize that for game play mechanics, it would make sense for each race to have 1 or 2 unique weapons, and ubiquitous weapons in all races.

    I like some off the new weapons/abilities. Others seem just stupid.
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    I think that the new and strange weapons are good. I don't like it when it seems like the two different armies fighting are really the same army, most armies were variations on Imperial Guard and Space Marines. One has good armour and WS/BS where the other is cheap. I also think this makes the game designers focus on the style of play that those armies use and other armies that are more unusual lose out.

    The new set of weapons is also more intersting. Getting a new codex has the promise of new stuff. The new weapons also create new tactics for us to find and use as well as new problems to overcome, the overcoming of which leads to new strategy etc, etc. There will always be some super-nasty weapons but rules like lance, rending or melta aren't needed for these things to show up. Infact I personally think melta is a little overated.

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