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    2010 Ard Boyz results: Chaos Daemons, Chaos Marines, and IG win the day!

    This will probably be old news for many people here, but I just stumbled upon an article with the complete results, so thought I'd post it here. I'm not sure if it's allowed to post a link to the article directly here, but if I found it by googling: 'ard boyz 2010 results finals' then you can too.

    This year they split up the tournament into three separate events, one on each coast and one in the traditional Chicago Battle Bunker, so we have three winners.

    The results for the finals at the LA location was:

    1. Chaos Daemons

    (Plenty of Heralds of Tzeentch, Fiends, Daemon Princes of Nurlge, and small troop/fast attack units)

    2. Space Wolves

    (2 rune priests, 1 Inquisitor Lord w/emperor's tarot, 21 missile shots a turn, and a mind boggling 11 lascannon/plasmagun razorbacks)

    3. Eldar

    (fairly standard Eldrad/Yriel Skimmer list, but surprisingly with only 3 small troop choices)


    The Pennsylvania location's results:

    1. Chaos Space Marines

    (A dual Lash prince list that's so standard now, I won't even bother describing it)

    2. Space Wolves

    (Footsloggers, otherwise unknown)

    3. Blood Angels

    (Very similar to the Space Wolf list with 11 razorbacks, only with a more balanced 7 instead of 11, and some assault terminators, vindicators, and baal predators thrown in)


    Finally, the battle bunker in Chicago:

    1. Imperial Guard

    (Standard mechanized force, with an Inquisitor Lord w/emperor's tarot, callidus assassin, 8 chimeras, lots of veterans, 3 Vendettas, 2 Leman Russes, and a manticore)

    2. Orks

    (An interesting nob biker/horde hybrid, with 2 warbosses on bikes attached to a single 10 nob biker squad with all the trimmings, 3 units of 9 lootas, a unit of deffkoptas w/rokkits, and 5 units of 25 slugga boyz w/powerklaws)

    3. Space Wolves

    (Drop pod force w/2 rune priests, plenty of wolf guard terminators, grey hunters w/meltas, land speeders w/hvy bolters, and long fangs w/missile launchers)

    Although a LOT of Tyranid and vanilla Space Marine players qualified for the finals, sadly none made it the top 9. Congratulations to all the winners!

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