What is the best way to defeat black templars with an imperial guard army? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    What is the best way to defeat black templars with an imperial guard army?

    What is the best way to defeat Black Templar who use the vow that allows them to move D6 distance towards you. when you using and imperial Guard army? i wish to know and learn to correct the error of my ways and bring honor to the emperor?

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    Righteous Zeal allows them to move towards the closest enemy unit when they take casulties and pass a morale test, there are two ways you can exploit this.

    1) Get units behind them then if they are the closest visable enemy unit you will have the Templars running away from your lines during your shooting phase, slowing them down.
    2) Since they will be forced to take a morale test if they take even a single casulty use psyker battle squads. BT players are unlikely to take Abhor the Witch against guard so your psykers can turn their crusading zealots into track stars as they bolt for the table edge.
    3)While not expoiting it you can always target a single unit with all of your army, wiping it out and denying them their extra move, ie kill 1/4 of 4 different units and they'll all run at you, kill 1 full unit and you're fine.

    Black Templars also lack cetrain things from the marine codex, such as sergeants and free krak grenades. Few players pay the points for these grenades because of the large squad sizes. So you have lots of marines with 1 powerfist attack and no grenades, well it looks like we have something to tarpit. An armoured sentinel or two will be able to hold up a unit like this for a long time, and often your opponent wont be able to get other units into the combat to kill the sentinels because the large squad will completely surround their bases, you cant attack if nobody from your unit is in B2B.

    Other than those things most anti marine tips should work. Low AP, anti transport weapons to defend from a possible rhino rush, also watch out for their terminators, they can take two heavy weapons and veteran skills, furious charging lightning claw terminators will mess you up, even your tanks will be glanced on 5's by these guys with thier 20 attacks (probobly re-rolling misses due to the preffered enemy vow).

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