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    Heres the preliminary trial rules...

    Army Special Rules
    “And they shall know much fear…�All Lesser Catachan Barking Toads are Leadership 5. This represents the fearful and paranoid nature of the Toad. (Tests are always passed on a double 1 however). Should a morale check be failed, the Toad unit will leap in a random direction (2D6- Scatter) instead of fleeing. If they land on impassable terrain or an enemy unit, they will explode. (See below).

    “Toad in the hole…�
    All Toad units can Infiltrate if the mission allows it, provided that they set up within terrain. If the mission does not allow it, the Toads can Infiltrate anyway.

    “Dislike of loud bangs…�Toads that roll a 1 to hit with a shooting attack will trigger their self defense mechanism, and will explode. (See below). This represents their fear of anything above a whisper in volume. Note that a D6 must be rolled before template attacks, though the attack will work before the Toad explodes should a 1 be rolled.

    “Biology of the Lesser Toad…�
    Toads, when they feel threatened or bored, are prone to explosion. When a Toad losses its last wound, roll a D6. On a 1-3, the Toad simply dies as usual, but on a 4+ it will explode in a cloud of deadly poison and entrails. Place the center of the large blast marker over the Toad. Anything under the template (including other Toads&#33, even partially, is hit by a strength 10, AP 2 explosion. This does not effect Monstrous Creatures or close topped vehicles, and never instant kills any models (takes one wound only). Note that Toads hit by Toad Poison will NOT explode, but will just die. This is to make sure the Toad army won’t die to a single lasgun, and that no one faces 10 Toads exploding in combat.

    “Small and unmistakable squishy…�
    Toads are quite small and therefore difficult to hit. Against shooting attacks, all Toads have a 5+ invulnerable save (this does not work against template or blast marker weapons, but does work against exploding Toads, as they do have certain immunity). However in combat they receive no save whatsoever.

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    I dont believe this is serious and it is definatley in the wrong forum
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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