1500pt Ulthwe Tourny Army (not Strike Force) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    ok heres my second go at a list for a big tournament in New Zealand coming up in October. It uses the craftworld eldar ulthwe list NOT the strike force list.

    Seer Council - 304pts

    Farseer -fortune, singing spear, shuri-pistol, cc weapon
    Farseer -Mind war, singing spear, shuri-pistol, cc weapon
    Warlock -Enhance,witch blade, shuri-pistol
    Warlock -Augment, witch blade, shuri-pistol
    Warlock -Embolden,witch blade, shuri-pistol
    (detached warlocks)
    x2 Warlock - Conceal cc weapon, shuri pistol

    17 Black Guardians- Bright Lance , detached warlock - 189 pts
    17 Black guardians- Starcannon , Detached warlock - 189pts


    Vyper Jetbike, Crystal Targeting Matrix, Starcannon - 95pts
    Vyper Jetbike, Crystal Targeting Matrix, Starcannon - 95pts
    Vyper Jetbike, Crystal Targeting Matrix, Brightlance - 95pts


    6 Warpspiders - 132pts


    4 Dark Reapers - 128pts

    Wraithlord- Bright Lance -140pts
    Wraithlord- Starcannon - 140pts

    Total - 1504pts

    Well how does it look? What would you add and what would you remove to add it. Oh and can i have some suggestions on how to Distribute my brightlances/starcannons throughout my wraithlords,vypers,guardians?

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    Seer council - you are trying to do too much with this, typically at 1500 points a seer council will either be based around mind war OR close combat, not both.

    If it is mind war you need 2-3 farseers with minwar and n+1 warlocks with enhance, you may take another farseer with Fortune if the points are spare but all those witch blades would go.
    For a close combat seer council you need the fortune, then take warlocks out your ears with witchblades, includung at least on wrlock with no ability as abaltive armour

    The guardian squads: I would stick with star cannon in these, whilst it is tempting to put BL in there for the high BS of black guardians, the fact that whatever you shoot at, your guardians will not be able to damage deters me, Stck with star cannon and use these 2 squads to take out his troops

    Vypers: I suspect 3 CTMS are a waste, you need 3 pieces of cover that you can completely hide behind to be effective, cover tends to be sparse and small in tourneys, I would ditch the CTMs (prefereably all of them but you could keep one) and use the points elsewhere

    6 spiders are only an annoyance, I would want 10 and an exarch (actually I would not take spiders since the bulk of opponents in a tourney will be marines, Chaos or necrons, this means 3+ saves, I would hands down take banshees but I kow some players like the spiders)

    reapers - groovey

    Wraithlords, take a Bright lance one these

    Overall I think your list is poorley balanced and you will lose points for army composition in a tourney - to do the breakdown:

    HQ: 304points - 20%
    Elites: 132 points - 9%
    Troops: 378 points - 25%
    Fast Attack: 285 points - 19%
    Heavy Support: 408 points - 27%

    for a balanced army, your troops should be atleast 40% of your total points. None of HQ, Elites, FA and HS should exceed 25%. So you have overspent on HS definatley but in order to get much of everything you have decidedly underspent on troops, definate penalties in army composition. I would be looking for atleast another guardian squad, possibly 2 or one and a rnager squad, the points from the CTMS off the Vypers and sorting out the Council would help but ultimatley you have overloaded your HS, I would look to either ditch a wraithlord or lose a vyper or 2 and change the reapers for D cannon
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