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    Got a story of epic success in 40K?

    There was a lot of fun with the other thread I posted called "Got an story of epic failure in 40k?". So I thought it would be fun to tell stories of how you pulled a certain defeat into an epic win or you just tabled someone for some reason.

    Here's mine: We had a 1200 point per person game yesterday with Tyranids on one side and Chaos Space Marines with White Scar Space Marines on the other. On turn two on one flank, my Chaos marines were holding the line and were assaulted by 20 Hormagaunts. The CSM did poorly in saves and were down to 2 marines left while he had about 13 left. Behind the marines were 5 Warrior Broods and 2 Zenothropes. On my turn, I needed a 3 for reserves and made it. I summoned a Greater Daemon for my remaining CSM champion and went to work. I cleaned up a 6 Gaunts with the Daemon and 2 with my CSM then put them on the run. They failed their sweeping advance and I consolidated a full 6" toward the Warrior Brood. The Greater Daemon went on to clean up on that side and it turned our bad situation into a good one. If the Gaunts had of broken the line, they would have taken out our shooters and we would have been in a bad way. In the end, we scored a huge victory over the Nids.

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    This isn't one of my games, but it was an amazing game on the part of the Eldar player.

    He's up against Chaos in a mission with 4 objectives, and his luck is seriously bad. First 4 turns go by and he's not made a single kill - only one wound on an Obliterator, and an immobilised plus weapon destroyed on a Defiler. He's also lost all but a squad of jetbikes and a pair of wave serpents. The CSM player hasn't advanced as far as he should, but it's still very much his game.

    Eldar starts his turn 5, and flat outs/turbo boosts his serpents onto the 3 objectives in the CSM half.
    CSM then manages to recover an objective by wiping out the bikers, but can't hurt the serpents.
    There is a turn 6, and the Eldar player swaps the serpents over.
    CSM shoots pathetically and can't do more than destroy a weapon.
    There is a turn 7, and the Eldar player moves the serpents to cover the 2 CSM held objectives.
    CSM shoots, assaults and cries as the two serpents again survive to contests

    Game end, with a draw - and the Eldar player has STILL not managed to remove a CSM model from the board We mocked the traitor for WEEKS over this.
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    Well...I have a few stories but I think I'll mention the game I had with my friend the other night. I had assumed that he would go all out CC and drop pods, BIG MISTAKE!

    We rolled for the type of game we were going to play and ended up with a Kill point game so we began. He had gone for multiple rhinos and troops armed with missle launchers galore. His missle launchers ate through my tanks and crippled two of my tanks in the first turn andmy tanks and wrecked the other two on the 2nd turn. So I had no tanks left with any weapons or that could move and there was still a good 2 feet between his models and mine and at the time my units were cowering behind my tanks in fear of the massive fire power that my friend had taken. My tanks had 3 5-man squads of Dire Avengers and a squad of Fire Dragons so they would just get pulverised by the 30+ bolter guns, 8 missle launchers and 10 sniper rifles that my friend had taken.

    To my advantage he had outflanked a 5-man squad which didn't do much against me. He had come on right next to my Harlequins and shot their bolters at them. Thankfully he rolled poorly and I had some good saves meaning I only lost 2 of my 8 Harlequins. My Harlequins made mince meat out of them giving me the first Kill point of the game.

    Basically I decided to hide wanting my friend to come to me so I could get in range to shoot/assault him but he didn't move a muscle knowing full well the moment that he moved close the squad of and Autarch, Farseer (on Jetbikes) that were joined with a 3 strong squad of Shining spears would pounce from behind the building the had taken refuse behind and slaughter his troops. I didn't move my Shining Spear squad unsure if they were in Assault range and knowing that they would surely die if they weren't. (As it turned out they were 19" away from his closest unit. I measured after the game had ended.)

    They game went on like this my friend trying to blast his way at my troops but thanks to my cover saves managed to prevent their untimely deaths and so the game ended with a score of 1KP to 0KP making me the winner. Possibly the most boring win of my gaming life but will always be a laugh to look back on! When my friend outflanked to kill my Harlequin squad he had thought they were Dire Avengers because he hadn't looked properly before moving. They weren't painted as I am currently working on painting my entire army and havent got round to them yet. As you can imagine he got worried when I corrected him about what they actually were and after they had survived his shooting phase because by then it was already too late. LOL.

    After that I gave my friends Brother a game. It was his first ever game and he was using Chaos Space Marines. we went for a simple 1000pts game. This game was far more fun to play than the previous. My friend was giving his brother some advice here and there but let his brother make the decisions rather than tell him what to do so it was a good learning experience for him.

    Couple if seriously unexpected things happened in that game and this is what Im going to tell you. Fisrt off was he assaulted my Avatar with a greater Demon? It had a very simliar stat line to the avatar so it was a fair fight. I had a higher toughness than him but he had more attacks. Anyway our MCs clash and do F*** all. We both fail to even wound each other, but at the same time he had attacked with a regular squad bog standard troops and they, thanks to a terrible round of armour saves fell my Avatar. I was gobsmacked! No one could believe a standard 6-man squad of marines killed the avatar in a single round of CC. Admittedly the avatar had lost a wound to their shooting previously but he still had three wounds when this CC started!

    Next turn, my 12 man squad of storm guardians killed his MC in return suffering only two casualties in a single round of CC. Once again we were gobsmacked! our troops were out doing our HQs in CC. Thats not all, between my 2 12-man squad of Storm Guardians (11 Stormies and a warlock) they managed to kill the MC (Can't remember its name! >_<), a full 10-man squad of Khorne Beserkers, a Defiler, a rhino and a Greater Daemon summoning. Never have guardians done so much in a single game! I now hold Guardians in a higher regard than ever. (Storm guardians at least) And I only lost a total of 4 Stormies in the entire game.

    To end this post our game ended with me completely obliterating the Chaos Marines on the 5th turn. I won an impressive 7 kill points to 2 with him scoring the two kill points before I scored one. I lost my Avatar and a Wraithlord. I would have lost a lot more if my Striking scorpions hadn't out flanked him and tied up his long range weaponry in CC allowing my Guardians free range of movement on the board.
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