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    O.K. I posted an earlier list and it got blasted for not enough heavy weapons. I agree it was underpowered. So, here's the revamp :

    Chaos Lord w/terminator armor, darkblade, and chainfist. D/strength, D/essence, D/rune, D/resilience

    3 Obliterators

    6 Noise marine bikers w/ 2 meltaguns and 4 sonic blasters

    6 Raptors w/ 2 meltagun and 1 plasma gun

    9 Chaos marines w/bp and ccw 1 aspiring champion w/ power fist and plasma pistol mounted in
    Rhino w/ smoke launchers

    10 Chaos marines 9 w/ bp and ccw 1 plasma gun

    10 Chaos marines 9 w/ bp and ccw 1 plasma gun

    6 Havocs W/2 blastmasters and 4/ sonic blasters

    Dreadnought w 2/ ccw

    Defiler w/ mutated hull reaper auto and heavy flamer


    I always worry about having a low # of models and this list comes up 55. Should I drop to 5 havocs and give that squad 2 heavy bolters? Or, drop to 5 havocs and give the 2 ccw squads without a champion an additional meltagun each?

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    You will struggle vs armour.

    My point in the last post (which seems to have been ignored or not understood)was the better players are not going to let you simply run/fly/drive up to their tanks and shoot the meltaguns. They will move away and continue shooting under v4 rules. :ph34r:

    Pray for Orks/Nids, or get some more guns which can shoot more than 12" and still have a chance to kill a heavy tank. There is no way in hell an IG/Marine/certain eldar/tri-monolith necron (will ignore your extra dice) player will keep his vehicles static with Raptors/bikes within 18" and you wont be chasing through his army lines i can assure you of that.

    "6 Havocs W/2 blastmasters and 4/ sonic blasters"

    7/8 Havoks with 4 lascannons and tank hunters" deployed into cover will do a better job.

    If you have ranged guns you can force his tanks to pick between meltaguns or lascannons whereas currently you dont have enough guns to scare anyone.

    Give the dred a gun.

    Give the Defiler indirect.

    Give them both smoke and searchlights.

    Pie plates are going to rape those large CSM sqauds which arent mounted in a Rhino.

    "10 Chaos marines 9 w/ bp and ccw 1 plasma gun

    10 Chaos marines 9 w/ bp and ccw 1 plasma gun"

    Break them into smaller squads with bolter/lascannon or give them a transport or watch as they slog for 4 turns and get shot back to hell.

    If you keep this list, do me a favour and think of this thread when your CSM are getting pounded by pie plates in turn 1-2-3-4 and your fast attack is trying to chase down tanks moving 12" back through his into his own lines into the Elites, HQ, Troops and Fast Attack. :rofl:

    Seriously though, Good luck!
    IG since '95.

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    Dreadnought w 2/ ccw
    Dreds usually never make it into cc, better give it a ranged weapon so it can atleast get back it's points

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