Im just starting to play a lost and the damned army and this is my first attempt at making an army list and i was wondering what i should improve/change or even any tactics i should use. thanx for any help.

Keeper of secrets(160)

Lord with terminator armour, pair of lightning claws, spikey bits(125)

2 obliterators (140)

15 plague zombies with banner(13

6 daemonettes (90)

14 plague zombies (126)

12 traitors with lascannon team (121)

9(1) csm all with bolters except 2 with plasma guns and champ(173)

9(1) csm all with combat weapons.champion w/power weapon, daemonic strength, bolt pistol(169)

6(1) rough riders and sergent all with spears(83)

defiler with indirect fire (175)