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    The local tournament organizer is having a tournament in which you are allowed 1250 points in a force org chart, and you also get a free fast attack of unlimited points value, which will be deployed from reserve starting on turn two with no rolls to see if ti arrives. If your fast attack choice is killed, its points value will count against you for the purposes of determining victory points, as any unit would be.

    This is the list I came up with (though I am at work, so I am not entirely certain of the specifics)


    Chaplain with Thunder Hammer and a plasma pistol. He may have had a teleport homer, I am not entirely certain.


    10 tactical marines with 2 flamers

    10 tactical marines with flamer/melta gun

    8 tactical marines with multi melta/plasma gun

    8 tactical marines with flamer/heavy bolter

    6 tactical marines with missle launcher

    6 tactical marines with missle launcher

    Dreadnought with hvy flamer/CCW and twin-linked lascannons

    5 terminators with 2 hvy flamers.


    10 Assault marines with Melta Bombs, flamer, vet sgt with Thunder Hammer

    While there is no way to be certain that there will be missions with deep strike which will let me use the drop pods option, I figured it would make for an interesting army list, and in the event that I can use them, I would be able to get into flamer range on the turn that I deploy, and hopefully rely on my power armor to see me through the close combat that would follow. I have considered adding more veteran seargents with Thunder Hammers, especially to the two 10 man squads which are equipped with the close range assault weapons which will likely see melee combat.

    For the games where deep strike is not available, I have to pray that I am not in need of any great amount of mobility to claim objectives, but there is little I can do about that if I am. I have tried to scatter a decent amount of ranged weaponry through my squads, and gave the dread the lascannons instead of the multi-melta to increase its range, but if I end up having to fottslog my way across the board against a guard army, I am going to be in a world of hurts.

    If anyone has and advice/comments they are always welcome, I appreciate the input.

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    Let's see what I can do here, shal we?

    For the chaplain, I think that a jump pack would be nice so he can cruise with the assault squad. One thing I learned about drop podding is that you really don't want your commander coming down on his own. I'd reccomend switching out one of the big tactical squads with a medium sized command squad. A 6 man squad with 2 flamers will cost 120 points. This leaves more points for tactical marines or a veteran sergeant in the command squad or even an apothecary.

    The troops look pretty solid, though I'm farily certain even the salamanders can't put a plasma gun and melta gun in the same squad. Veteran sergeants definately help in an army that is designed to get close like this one is.

    Try to find 5 points for extra armor, it is much better than having a stunned dreadnought.
    Termies look good, but adding one or two more would help.

    Fast Attack:
    Probably the best bet as far as salamander's fast attack goes. with the thunder hammer and melta bombs, these guys will put the hurt on tanks.

    General Advice:
    Whenever I play a drop pod force in a situation where I don't know that deep strike is available, I plan for footing it across the table. Just make sure your squads will be able to hold their own on foot as well as they will dropping out of the sky. The only thing I see here that could be a problem is the dreadnought being the only armor in the army will attract alot of anti-tank fire. Keep it in the army but beware. Other than that, good luck!
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