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    Critical Mass:IG blob platoon

    Just for boredom's sake I've been trying to track down what single units in the game can statistically deal enough wounds to a 51 man IG platoon blob in one turn to force a commisar to have to be allocated a wound to save against. Here are my results so far:

    1) 30 Ork Slugga Boys with 53 wounds (180 points)
    2) 5 Beastmaster/25 Khymerae with 2 pain tokens with 59 wounds (360 points+whatever it takes to get 2 pain tokens)
    3) 20 Kroot with Shaper/12 hounds/3 Krootox with 51 wounds (338 points)
    4) 50 man IG infantry blob with Colonel Straken in 12 inches and an attached Priest with 56 wounds (505 points)
    5) 20 man Black Templar crusader squad with Suffer Not The Unclean, an attached Chaplain, and a Witch Hunters allied Inquisitor who used Inquisitorial Mandate with 55 wounds (562 points)
    6) 30 Death Company with Lemartes with 108 wounds (750 points)

    Technically the Kroot squad and the Black Templar squad are disqualified due to many of their attacks striking at different initiatives. The Death Company squad also has different initiative values, but few of the wounds come from Lemartes anyways. The Death Company is the only unit that would actually wipe out the entire IG platoon, but the Ork Slugga Boyz are probably the most points efficient with a rougly 3.4 point to wound ratio.

    I'm not saying possibly wiping out a Commisar in one round of combat is a good thing as that almost guarantees you'll be shot up the next round, but I just wanted to see if it could be done and by how many squads.

    Yeah, I'm really bored.

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    Tourney Stats: Blood Angels 6W-0L-0T, Dark Eldar 2W-1L-0T

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    Template attacks could potentially do it easier, depending on how clustered together the guardsmen are. Depending on the situation, 9-10 burna boyz could do it, although they'd probably need a looted wagon or a borrowed truck to get close enough for their templates to be effective.
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    If your allowing bonuses to it aswell, 30 hormaguants with toxin sacs (240), given preferd enemy from somewhere would kill them very happily, even without they still come very close (44 i think) so attaching two tyranid primes would get them to 51 no problems (brings the cost to about 440 though)
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    More entertaining would be, "What assault squad can do it on their opponents turn?" For example:
    1 Charges in, kills a little more than half
    2 Takes some losses from blob but still wins combat
    3 Commissar prevents retreat
    4 Assaulting squad is protected from shooting phase and then scraps the blob.

    Damn, I just ran this for Deamonnettes and they can't do it!

    On the charge they get 4 attacks with rending for 1.03 dead Guardsmen per charge. That is only ~21 dead men!
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