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    IG, Tyranids, Necrons, Tau...

    So I have the 6ft x 4ft table battle mat and I just build a sweet table to put it on. Now I'm all set to build me up some 40K armies. I went to the local hobby store and my eyes overwhelmed my wallet... so suddenly I have the Tau, Necron, and Tyranid Codex's. A squad of Necron Warriors, a squad of Genestealers, a squad of Hormagaunts, a Cadian Guardsman Squad, and a Cadian Heavy Weapons Squad.

    Prior to this little splurge I already had the IG codex and one 10 man squad of Veterans and a Chimera.

    The idea I'm having is to build up four 1500 point armies. However the IG are the main focus, so I can test them against the other three. I mostly spend my time painting and modeling instead of playing, however I figure if I make these armies up I can practice gaming tactics every day gaming tactics.

    alot like playing chess against yourself.

    The question is, what types of armies should I make the other threes, so I can get the best practice out of the experiment, and since I'm not familiar with Tyranid or Necron playstyles.

    I wish I had my own Jurgen aide...

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    Your best idea is to check in the "lists" area of each army and see what is popular with each army. I have some experience with Necrons, so I can try to help you out there. You will need at least 2 x 10 warriors and a Lord either on a Destroyer body or not just to play. I recommend at least one Lord with a res orb in either event and at 1500 points, you maybe should take two. One of the most popular unit to take are lots of Destroyers and the Monolith. At 1500 points, you'll not want to be without either. Usually, people formulate for most armies that you should at least take one troop choice per 500 points you play. So playing 1500 points, you should take 30 Warriors in three squads. I know for me, on the advice of other forum members, my Necron wins came with buying more Destroyers. On the Necron forum right now Shas_on_u has made a very complete list of Necron units you should look at called "Necrons - How not to be a complete Noob and win- repeatedly". As for the other armies, I can't help you.
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    I recommend you check out the Necron board, shas_on_u just put up a big guide. But here's the bullet points.

    Here's what you need:

    1. A Lord. Maybe two. Give at least one a res orb.
    2. Warriors. Lots of them.
    3. Destroyers. Lots of them.

    After that, here's some things that are not needed, but are nice to have.

    1. A Monolith. Maybe two.
    2. Scarabs with Disruption Fields. 10 bases, with 4 attacks a base on a charge, with glances on a 6 = an average of 3 glancing hits on a Land Raider. More if it didn't move. That'll shut it down for at least a turn, and maybe blow off a weapon or two.
    3. A C'tan. The Deceiver seems to have more fans than the Nightbringer, but both can be nasty. Just be careful of force weapons or ordinance, as neither has Eternal Warrior.
    4. Immortals. They're overpriced, but 2 30" (24" + 6" move) STR 5 AP 4 shots per model are nothing to sneeze at.
    5. A Tomb Spyder. Just keep it around to help with WBB rolls. Don't bother making more than one Scarab with it, you'll just trigger majority toughness rules and make it easier to kill. Just having one around can act as a wound sponge though.
    6. Wraiths. They're not BAD, per se, but they're really not great, either. I'd rather spend the Fast Attack slot on more Destroyers.

    What to avoid at all costs:

    1. Pariahs.
    2. Pariahs.
    3. Pariahs.
    4. Heavy Destroyers. 1 Lascannon shot is not going to turn the tide of battle, especially at their ridiculously high point cost.
    5. Flayed Ones. Sorry, but they're mediocre assault troops at best. Your points are much better spent elsewhere.
    6. And in case I haven't made my point already, Pariahs.

    The general Necron strategy revolves around the phalanx tactic: keeping all your units close to each other to get WBB rolls. Keep res orb lords around to prevent those nasty instant death things. Use monoliths to block stuff and get your stuff out of close combat. Use your destroyers to zip around and shoot where you need to shoot. Use your warriors as a firebase. Don't let stuff sweeping advance you.

    I don't play Tau, but I play against them a lot, and the usual strategy is the gunline. Get lots of stuff and blast away. Use Kroot as roadblocks for assault troops. Broadsides are awesome. Put them in cover somewhere and have them blow stuff up with impunity. Crisis Suits are awesome. Kit them out however you need them and have them ninja jump their way around making nuisances of themselves. A Hammerhead or two won't go amiss. Make sure you bring some markerlights. Shooting railguns at BS 5 while denying cover saves will ruin anyone's day.
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