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    The Third (technically fourth) 40K army.

    Hi All,

    Thinking about a new army, one that is fairly competitive but isnt really cheesy. I currently have:
    - Mech Guard (with abilites for foot slogging)
    - Pure Thousand Sons Army (Ahirman, DP, Sons in Rhinos, Defilers, Obliterators)

    Also had vanilla marines (raven guard with Shrike)

    I just dont know where to go next. My thousand sons are a purely fun army and my guard is a my overly competitive army.

    I want something in the middle really, dont want uber competitive but want to be able to have fun with the army aswell. Armies that are defo out:
    - Wolves
    - Vanilla Marines
    - Chaos Army
    - Necrons

    I dont have masses amount of money so a nice 1500pt list would be good (dont want full posts, just ideas on where to head).

    Thanks in advance for input

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    If your looking for an army thats in the middle why not try eldar? with the large range of different units its a challenging and fun army. If your not looking for an uber competive army then DONT go mech. I have fun lists and serious lists...most of...okay...ALL of my serious lists have tanks, lot and lots of tanks...but this is not the fun way to play eldar. Taking a variety of units and trying to make them work as a cohesive unit is fun, at least in my mind anyway. There are many themed Eldar craftworld armies for you to browse through and see which one is what your looking for.

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