TheHammerCast: Battle for Stones River 2011 40k Guantlet

For the 2nd year straight, TheHammerCast attended the Battle For Stones River in Murfreesboro on February 26th, 2011 and is proud to present this year’s edition of the show. This is the 4th year of the tourney and expectations were high. 50+ Generals converged on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the heart of Tennessee with their 1863pt 40k armies ready to test their mettle against some of the best players in the country. 4 rounds of dizzying melees spread out over the afternoon..combined with pizza…Red Bull girls…scenarios…Mike Lee interview…you get the picture! A good time was had by all and the tourney received some exciting news concerning the future and things yet to come. So sit back and enjoy the show. Follow the links and watch the Flickr sideshows. As always, I recommend using earphones for best quality. Feel free to contact us at