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    Junior Member twinkiethekid's Avatar
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    The time has come -- Need help deciding.

    Back in the day, my friends got into 40k. They have Dark Eldar, Orks, SM, Tyranids, and Grey Knights. I didn't have the cash then, but now I do and what better time since my friends are going to play 40k again. I was looking at Grey Knights, Eldar, and CSM (Nurgle). Can anyone enlighten me on how these armies play now? I know the Eldar and CSM codexes are old, but do they work? I like the play style of the Eldar, but I like the durability of the CSM and the awesomeness of the GKs. I usually play 'Good' armies, which is why I was looking toward CSM, but I wouldn't mind playing another good guy army. Any suggestions?

    ===NO SPACE MARINES PLEASE=== Well... maybe Dark Angels or Raven Guard (I like guerrilla warfare)

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    Senior Member Karrain's Avatar
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    I've some experience with CSM (especially themed lists if that's what you're looking for) so can help you there.

    Death Guard (Nurgle CSM) are resilient, close range firefight specialists. They're very difficult to take down with conventional weapons and decent in a scrap. I'd reccomend mechanising them since they aren't the most mobile of forces which makes them even more difficult to take down and lets them get to the right place at the right time. Whilst CSM is a little out of date they're still playable, not up to notch with Dark Eldar, Chaos Daemons, Grey Knights and the likes, but still able to hold their own and with quite afew nasty tricks up their sleeves.

    Be warned though, the models may not be in stock due to the Finecast Turnover (I believe Death Guard models are metal) and the army does need some getting used to.
    Basically, if you want a new, flashy, army, go for Grey Knights, if you want a fast army, go for the Eldar, if you want to play the clunky, heavyweight who can walk through Exterminatus and come out relativley unscathed but has the steering and handling of a chunk of cement go CSM.
    "Take their gold, burn their homes, kill their familes and enslave their souls. Show them no mercy...oh and could you post these letters while you're out?"
    -Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth.

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    LO Zealot Farseer Macleod's Avatar
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    Eldar are not a top tier army but they can still hold their own against the best of them, but they do require a lot of finesse to be used right. Consider them a glass sword, they inflict great amounts of damage where ever they strike but are easily broken if left out in the open. I can't wait till they get their new codex, Eldar are not bad but if the current trend of powerful codexs continue then I can't help but get tingles from imagining how these guys are going to get the same sort of power boost.

    I'm currently collecting Grey Knights as my second army and they are practically the oppostites of the Eldar, which is why I collected them. Not as fast but they are more durable, even the troops are not to underestimated in CC since they all come standard with force Weapons.

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    LO Zealot greggles's Avatar
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    You should see our local GW. It's full of GK players. All of them sad faced due to daily slaughters. One poor guy was all excited to play vs daemons, he lost 50% of his army turn 1 due to poor deployment and flamer attack. The daemon player lost 1 model the whole game.

    GK is not for the faint of heart. It is an army that can not take losses (high point cost, low model count), and as such, must be played with an experienced hand. It's not like ork's, where you can lose 50% of your army, and just start laughing cause now you have to move less models, and are finally in assault range. (As you can imagine, GK is at a huge disadvantage vs orks, unless they are playing an anti horde crowe list)

    I'd suggest playing anything but SM. The world is so full of the same army in different colors. I'd consider Dark Eldar before eldar though...very wild playstyle. Throws everyone off. Nid's are also a blast. Lots of variety and choices.
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