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    Traitor guard Is it allowed?

    Hey everybody, i just had an interesting thought for fluff, about making my guardsmen a rebeling force that in desperation have called on traitor marines (not those sworn to chaos gods ) to assist them fighting the imperium of man. Is there any way i can legally bring Chaos space marine units along with my imperial guard army? if so how would i do it and would it be allowed for use in a tournament or such event?

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    Hm. There was a Traitor Guard list back in the Eye of Terror codex, but that's well out of date now (3rd edition I believe, or at least the beginning of 4th). In a casual setting as long as you have your opponent's permission it would probably be OK, but having to ask for permission before every game is a pain (even if nobody ever says no). Your best bet would be to use Forge World's Chaos Renegade range from the three Siege of Vraks books. They contain special army lists for Chaos Renegades and depending on the book, you either get to field Alpha Legion (0-1 as an Elites choice in the army list in the Siege of Vraks Part I), Khorne Berzerkers (standard Elites in the Siege of Vraks Part II, you also get to field special Beastmen type-units called Bloodgor and the leader of the army can be an Exalted Champion of Khorne) or Plague Marines (Siege of Vraks Part III, same as the Khorne units in Part II except you get Plague Zombies instead of Bloodgor). They are basically Chaos Imperial Guard, using most of the Imperial Guard range including tanks as well as some new units like Renegade Enforcers, Rogue Psykers and others. The only problem with this is that it is Forgeworld, which means if you want to buy the models provided it's going to be a lot more expensive. You could just use Imperial Guard units painted Chaosy for the most part though, with a few of the converted models thrown in.

    Here are some helpful links for the FW Chaos Renegades:

    Forge World - Imperial Armour Volume Five: The Siege of Vraks Part One
    Forge World - Imperial Armour Volume Six: The Siege of Vraks Part Two
    Forge World - Imperial Armour Volume Seven: The Siege of Vraks Part Three
    Forge World - Chaos Renegades

    Hope that helps
    ~ Acarna

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