Ok, I've been invited to a local RTT this next saturday, and have a bit of a crisis on how I should form my list from my current models. This is what I have to work with:

1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord
1 Keeper of Secrets or Bloodletter

3 Obliterators

9 Marines with bp and ccw, asp champ with pow fist, 1 melta(in a rhino)
10 Marines with bp and ccw, asp champ with pow weap(daemon host?)(in rhino)
8 marines, bolters, 2 plasma guns.
10 bloodletters
10 daemonettes

6 Raptors, 1 flamer, 1 melta, asp champ with lightning claws
10 Furies
10 Furies

5 havocs (can add more models)
2 missile launchers
2 lascannons.

My current list idea is:

Chaos sorcerer with winds of chaos or doombolt (would go gift of chaos but no spawn P)

maybe the keeper..

2 marine squads in rhinos (as depicted above)
8 bloodletters
10 daemonettes (might have 12 by then)

Squad of 10 furies, maybe two squads.

and the squad of havocs with 7-8 marines.

I'm not sure exactly how I would form it out, the sorcerer lord is tooled up to be about 160 points. Any suggestive criticism would be helpful, like wether to include obliterators or not