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    Traditional 'Ard Boyz builds for each army

    I'm aware that there are some more standard builds people use for 'Ard Boyz across the pond and a few friends of mine wish to have a go with the dirty lists, plus the new level of competition is pretty fun. What seem to be the standard builds for each army, assuming every army has at least 1...?

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    Here is a guard concept: pack as many heavy weapons as humanly possible in. It's basically the SIGAFH reinvented in mechanized form, with a twist: a heavy outflanking element. This generally involves spamming infantry squads with little or nothing more than an autocannon (opinions vary, but I like mine to have a flamer to compensate somewhat for taking a hull heavy bolter) and a chimera. That gives you eight heavy shots for not a lot of points, and you can scale it to ridiculous points levels. The platoon command squads get meltaguns and chimeras (these get hull flamers). Of course you take pieplates in all three heavy slots. I like one squadron of two and two singletons. That minimizes the potential for overkill (since the squadron mates have to target the same thing) while giving you an additional AV14 hull, and sometimes you actually want or need two pieplates on one target! Take scout sentinels for fast attack. This is more cheap heavy weapons, and they outflank. Since this list is based on spamming vehicles, you're neither going to want to nor going to be able to fit them all in your deployment zone in any decent fighting shape. Final two elements help more with the congestion. First, you take al'rahem. His platoon should have flamers only in the infantry squads and flamers on all the hulls. Finally, take a company command squad with the upgrade character who helps your reserves rolls, so you get most of them on turn two, and have an 89% chance that they come in on the flank of your choice. At 2500 points, that can easily be nine sentinels and six scoring flame-tastic chimeras flooding a flank on turn two while the rest of your army lays down a blizzard of shooting from your deployment zone.

    I don't know the details, but I know that dark eldar like to spam lance weapons (I faced two different armies with ~30 of them!), and orks can get 250 models on the board (built around a solid core of 6x30 boyz) with points to spare for ghazkul and at least one more named character... 250 greenskins is insane!
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    Seems like a lot of people like to go either MSU or with its complete opposite, deathstar builds. MSU builds usually max out on the FOC slots and tend to take min-sized troop squads. Deathstar builds are, of course, centered around an ultra-killy, ultra-resilient and super expensive units like Space Wolves TWC, grey knight paladins, ork nob bikers, TH/SS assault marines and eldar seer councils.
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