Fire Warriors x 6 (Bonded)

Fire Warriors x 6 (Bonded)

Fire Warriors x 11 (5 carbines, mounted in devilfish)

Devilfish (multi tracker)

Crisis Suit (Fusion Blaster, Missile Pod, Multi tracker)

401 Points

The idea is to charge in the devilfish when the opportunity presents itself, unloading the troops 18'' away from their target, firing the 5 carbines, 3 burst cannon shots (multi tracker) and 2 drone carbines (which would disembark at the same time to shield the team) before retreating or pressing forwards next turn. Meanwhile the 2 bonded teams would sit back and cover the approach, and the Crisis would hop about sniping any big nasty stuff with its pods, and maybe getting in close to toast things with its fusion gun.

That's the idea anyway... Comments appreciated.