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    Ok, I finally picked up some models and put together a 1,000 pt list. Keep in mind that I am 16 points over, but since this isn't a tournie list, I don't really care...I'll just let my friends adjust their list to equal mine (if they even care). Anyways, here it is:



    •Lord: Res. Orb, Veil of Darkness- 190 pts


    •8 Flayed Ones- 144 pts


    •12 Warriors- 216 pts
    •12 Warriors- 216 pts

    Fast Attack

    •3 Wraiths- 123 pts
    •6 Scarab Swarms- 72 pts

    Heavy Support

    •Tomb Spyder: Particle Projector- 55 pts

    Necron Army List Total: 1,016 pts

    My plan for this army is to get the Wraiths, Flayed Ones, Tomb Spyder and Scarab Swarms into CC. I know this isn't the best army for CC, but since my other two armies are shooty (Dark Angels, Tau), I wanted to try something new. The Lord will be with the Flayed Ones squad and will use the VoD to teleport behind enemy units. The Res. Orb will be helpful for my opponent's next turn since my Flayed Ones will not be able to assualt when they teleport. The Wraiths and Tomb Spyder will, again, try and get into CC and I equiped the Tomb Spyder with the Particle Projector to amplify this move. The Scarab Swarms will be used to tie up any units I can't concentrate on at the time. I would like to know how the Scarabs Swarms are used though since the codex doesn't explain what they're for ( it just gives characteristic values). The 24 warriors will act as fire support.

    How's this tactic look to everyone?

    I only have the lord, 24 warriors, 6 scarab swarms and 2 flayed ones so if you have any suggestions then it won't be hard to adjust this list.

    Thanks for any advice people can give me.

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    If your Lord is going to be chilling with the Flayed Ones, you probably should give him a Warscythe. Invulnerable Saves < Necrons.
    Sam Mills (1959-2005) and Mark Fields - Keep Pounding

    Cry Cheese, And Let Loose The Wraithlords And Templar!

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