Saw news(rumors) of the price increase coming up on BoLS and decided it's time to start planning for a new army for the year at the current prices.

I'm Interested In (no particular order):
1. Dark Eldar
2. Imperial Guard
3. Space Wolves

Looking to start off with a solid (5th ed competitive) 1,000 or 1,250 pts army.

What I need from anyone offering suggestions are the following:
1. Recommended Army List fitting into what i'm interested in (as mentioned above)
2. A list of what I'd need to buy to create said army list brand new off the shelf.
3. Ideas & Tactics to use with suggested army.

This will help me to gauge the list not only from a play standpoint but also financially.

I definitely want a competitive base to start off from, as then I can get accustumed to playing to the army's strengths and build upon them later on with my own choosing/flavoring of units.

I thank everyone in advanced.