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    Well, I got the new Space Marine Codex the other day, so, like so many others I know, I am hopping on the bandwagon and designing my own chapter! As a Blood Angel player, I love getting into close combat and ripping things apart, and I like Librarians. So here is the first list of the Omega Chapter!

    Chapter Advantages: Trust Your Battle-Brother; Purity Above All
    Chapter Disadvantages: Eye to Eye, We Stand Alone

    HQ 1 418 points
    Librarian Zacharias (Codicier): Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Force Weapon,
    Purity Seals, Psychic Hood, Bionics, and a Familiar

    Terminator Command Squad: 5 Terminators, Furious Charge, 2 Assault Cannons,
    2 Chainfists

    HQ 2 161 points
    Chaplain Harod (Master of Sanctity): Artificer Armor, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol,
    Frag Grenades, and a Teleport Homer

    TROOP 1 318 points
    Tactical Squad : 10 Marines, Trust Your Battle-Brothers, Veteran Sergeant, Frags

    Veteran Sergeant: Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Purity Seals,
    Teleport Homer

    Rhino: Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour

    TROOP 2 318 points
    [Same as above]

    TROOP 3 318 points
    [Same as above]

    FAST ATTACK 208 points
    Assault Squad: 7 Assault Marines, Meltabombs, Veteran Sergeant

    Veteran Sergeant: Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Teleport Homer

    ELITE 258 points
    Veteran Squad: 5 Veterans, Terminator Honors, Furious Charge, Power Weapon

    Veteran Sergeant: Power Weapon, Melta Bombs

    Razorback: Smoke Launchers, Extra Armor

    My overall strategy with this list is to get into close combat ASAP. Too many times before I have tried to slog it through with infantry to the enemy line, only to have them sliced and diced by return fire. So with the Tactical Squads, I will just stick them in their Rhinos and run them into CC from the frist turn, plain and simple. Same deal with the Veteran Squad, but they will be in a reinforcement role to the Tactical Squads. With the Assault Squad, I am going to join the Chaplain to it, and send the squad behind some good cover near the enemy line in the first turn, in preparation to Deep Strike the Librarian and his Command Squad. From there, the Librarian will charge into CC, and the Assault Squad will go off and pester the enemy armor support.
    Numbers are my biggest concern here, as I only have 49 infantry and 4 transports, only one of which can become a nuisance. Please feel free to add some input!

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    150 (x8)

    You spent way too many points on your HQ, nearly 600 pts...
    Instead take a chaplain with jump pack and honors.
    The librarian is too expensive and the retenue probably as power fists, so why bother giving furious charge? :huh:

    artificer armor is a waste IMO, since you will be engaging the enemy&#39;s though CC units with him, meaning they have probably have power weapons.

    With the points from the librarian and retenue, you could get a predator for some tank hunting, and beef uf the assault squad to the max.

    in your traits you should take blessed be the warriors, and take the fight to them, if you really want a good CC army.

    Your vets squad is kind of useless in that razorback, since you&#39;ll move it until it blows up, not being able to shoot with it. I&#39;d swap them for an elite assault squad
    ( new doctrines) with furious charge, it hurts more the opponent that way. ^_^

    Good Luck
    Best Regards,

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