Blood Titans are a sub chapter of BA, however using codex SM right now. I've used this army in pieces so far and faired pretty well, but had a hard time killing tanks (ended up using a pf on a Russ). The idea is to have everybody moving forward but if more sensible to sit and shoot for a bit I can. My trait gives Furious Charge and my disadvantage is Death Before Dishonor, which gives the enemy an additional turn if they so choose on a 4+. It would make more sence to pick something else, but this is more in flavour of my army (who just want to spill blood).


Chaplain w/bolt pistol; terminator honors; jet pack = 136

Master Commander w/power fist; bolt pistol = 101

Tac Squad w/bolters x6; plasmagun; heavy bolter = 181
-Vet Sgt w/powerfist; bolt pistol

Tac Squad w/bolters x7; plasmagun; missile launcher = 201
-Vet Sgt w/combat shield; bolt pistol; power weapon

Tac Squad w/bolters x3; lascannon = 116
-Vet Sgt w/bolt pistol; power weapon

Assault Squad w/bolt pistol and ccw x2; plasma pistol and ccw x2 = 160
-Vet Sgt w/bolt pistol; power weapon
-Furious Charge

Dreadnaught w/assault cannon; ccw; storm bolter = 105