Chapter Bruinor:
Cleanse and Purify
See but not be seen
Eye to Eye

Chapter Master Beorn
Term. Armor, LClaws

"Bear Guard" Terminator Command Squad
9xtermies w/2xAssault Cannons

"The Brute Squad" Tac Squad
10xMarines w/2xMeltaguns, Vetsarg w/PowFist

"The Silver Claws" Tac Squad
10xMarines w/2xMeltaguns, Vetsarg w/LClaws and Teleport Homer

"Bardo's Beasts" Scout Squad
10xScouts, w/ccw, Vetsarg w/PowFist

"Bear Cubs" Scout Squad
10xScouts, w/Bolters, 1xHeavyBolter

"The Manticores" Assault Squad
10xAssault Marines, w/2x plasma pistols, Vetsarg w/PowerFist

"Warthogs" Attack Bike Squad
3x Attack Bikes, w/2x MM

EA, smokes

Pred. Destructor
HB, EA, smokes

Total 2000pts

Strategy is to stay mobile, relying on melta weapons rather than lascannons/ML's. Starts with a lot of guys during escalation games, but I'll have to be careful in Alpha games without infiltration. I think the large termie squad can work here, as they will drop in next to supporting units who can create a combat screen.