2000pts Vanilla Eldar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Nov 2004
    Norwich,Norfolk ENGLAND
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    2 (x1)

    Hq 1 avator80
    Hq 1 farseer 103 guides dark reapers witch blade singing spear

    Elite 9Fire dragons 217
    exarch has fire pike tankhunter skill= burning fist
    Elite 9Howling banshees 193
    exarch has powerblades warshout acrobatics
    Elite 9Striking scorpions 228
    exarch has scorpion claw stealth crushing blow
    Troop 8Guardian defenders114
    bright lance
    Troop 8Guardian defenders 119
    missile launcher
    Troop 3Rangers 57
    Troop 3Rangers57
    Troop 8Storm guardians 64
    Fast attack Shining spears 175
    1 vipers 65 bright lances
    Heavy support Dark reapers 233 missile lancher fast shot
    Heavy support Wave serpent 145 bright lances shuriken cannon

    heavy suppport 3 d-cannons 150
    2000 pts

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    Oct 2004
    Souther Wisconsin
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    2 (x1)

    take out the shining spears!! I have never seen or heard anyone use them.... let alone use them effictivly. They look cool, but no! you must resist they are bad!

    If your farseer if guiding the reapers what point is the singing spear?

    I think the firedragon exarch is a waste, with a whole squad of fire dragons any tank should be dead

    The howling banshee exarch is ok I have seen her do good things, just keep in mind she only has one wound...she can die very easily. especially if you put her somewhere way far away from her squad (via acrobatics) and then have the enemy allocate all their attacks against her....not good. I think you should take off acrobat and warshout, the powerblades are good though.

    I dont like the striking scorpion exarch as much, but I do LIKE stealth, if you are going to use it effectivley then ge the exarch otherwise dump him.

    change the missile launcher to a bright lance. Its worth it.

    I havent heard many good things out of storm guardians unless you give them fusion guns. You could give them a warlock with either conceal or enhance to help em out. You do know that 8 guardians will not do ANYTHING...right? unless you plan on holding a squad up in CC for a turn or two they wont do anything.

    How is a waveserpent heavy support? what are you going to be transporting?

    D cannons are ahrd to use, I hope you noted that they can only shoot 24". So you will have to mvoe them from your starting location most likley, and then they have even less turns to make up their points, but that is up to you.

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