I will be entering an army in a campaign at my local warhammer shop today and I would like veteran chaos players to give me a bit of a hand.

I plan on entering my good old black legion:

HQ: Liutenant with a Dark Blade. 70

TROOPS: 6 Chaos Marines with BP & CCW, one melta gun 94
6 Chaos Marines with BP & CCW 84
total 248 points

I know the army seems a bit bland, and it is, but as I win battles I will hopefully gain more stash (points to use) And buy more upgrades.

The real problem I have is the other armies, they all have some strange irregularity. There is an army of orks that's troops are made up entirely of gretchin, however they have 3 killer kans. The other chaos army has a khornate champion with a berzerker glaive. There is a 13th company made up of wulfen and a wolf priest that has a frost blade and mark of the wulfen. There is also a Dark Angels player with a heavy duty Force Commander.

Please note that I don't have to have 2 troops and a HQ to start off with as they can be added on later. (EG. One troops and a HQ.) But I must have 2 troops and HQ before I can get anything else. I can also use Black legion as a different army if I want to, the guys down there don't really care.

Any help would be good.