125 pts: Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed and Jarran Kell
Command Squad: 311 pts:
Heroic Senior Officer: medallion Crimson and Carapace armour
1 Veterans: medic
3 Guardsmen: Meltagun, master-vox and Plasma gun
1 Sanctioned Psyker
1 Commissar: Power fist
1 Priest: holy relic, purity seals, and Rosarius

124 pts: Infiltrate and/or Deep Strike
1 Veteran Sergeant: power weapon, Plasma Pistol and Krak Grenade
3 Storm Troopers
3 Storm Troopers: flamer, Grenade launcher and Vox-operator

Armoured fist squad: 274 pts
1 veteran sergeant: Power fist and frag grenade
1 Commissar: Power weapon
5 Guardsmen’s: and frag grenades
1 Guardsmen: plasma Gun: and frag grenade
1 Guardsmen: Flamer: and frag grenade
1 Guardsmen: vox and frag grenade
2 autocannon
1 Chimera: Multi-laser

Armoured fist squad: 204 pts
1 Veteran Sergeant: Power weapon and frag grenade
6 Guardsmen’s: and frag grenades
1 Guardsmen:lasma Gun and frag grenade
1 Guardsmen::Grenade luncher and frag grenade
1 Guardsmen: Vox and frag grenade
2 Heavy Bolters
1 Chimera: Multi-laser

130 pts:
2 Sentinels: Autocannon and Armoured crew compartment

185 pts: 1 Leman Russ Demolisher: Hunter-Killer Missile, Extra Armour and Searchlight
150 pts: 1 Basilsk: indirect fire, Improved Comms and Hunter-Killer Missile
Total Pts 1503