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Thread: Space Wolves

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    hey, im doing a 1250 point 4 way battle with my friends on thursday night, and this is my army


    Wolf Priest (192)
    mastercrafted frost axe, plasma pistol, frag + krak grenades, healing potions and balms, runic charm, wolf pelt, wolf tail talisman, wolf tooth necklace, iron wolf amulet (already in base point cost)

    Venerable Dreadnought (178 pts)
    TL autocannon, heavy flamer, DCCW, extra armour, smoke launchers


    Wolf Guard (65 pts)
    mark of the wulfen, runic charm, lightning claws


    Grey Hunter pack (194 pts)
    6 /w bolters - 108 pts
    1 /w power fist - 32 pts
    1 /w plasma pistol - 27 pts
    1 /w melta gun - 27 pts
    led by wolf priest (listed in HQ section)

    Blood claw pack (253 pts)
    12 /w bolt pistols and ccw - 168 pts
    1 /w power fist - 39 pts
    wolf guard leader /w bolt pistol and power fist - 46 pts

    Heavy Support

    Long Fangs (249 pts)
    leader /w bolter and power weapon - 53 pts
    2 /w lascannons - 106 pts (53 each)
    1 /w plasma cannons - 53 pts
    1 /w missle launcher - 38 pts

    Whirlwind (80 pts)
    extra armor

    total 1211pts

    i'll be up against orks (foot slogging), tyranids, and nurgle. my plan, is to take my whirlwind to try and pin the masses of orks and homogaunts and slow them up a bit. my dreadnoughts autocannon to try and tackle his hive tyrant, and try and fry some of the nurgle plague bearers before they use nurgles rot. try and shoot up the nurgle plague marines, pummeling his gretaer daemon with lascannon and plasma cannon fire to knock off some of his 6 wounds before he gets into close combat. and with the wolf guard with mark of the wulfen near the blood claws, sink his teeth into some power armoured plague marines.

    what do you think? need any tweeking army list wise or tactics wise?

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    May 2003
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    If u play nids and orcs i miss the flamers.

    for the wolf guard withthe mark of the wulfen: give him frags.

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