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    Doctrines: close order drill, drop troops, hardend fighters, carapace armour, xeno fighters: dark eldar (i play them alot)

    Senior officer with master crafter power weapon, bolt pistol, bionics, carapace armour, frag grenades
    4 vetrans 3 with carapace armour, close combat weapons and bolt pistol
    one upgraded to a standard bearer with carapace armour
    163 points

    Elites: hardened vets, 9 vetrans and a seargent, all have carapace armour, 3 have flamers.
    123 points

    one infantry platoon lead by junior officer with power weapon, carapace armour and bolt pistol
    4 vetrans with carapace armour and bolt pistols

    2 infantry squads with xeno fighters, carapace armour and a grenade launcher.
    ( i dont have enough models to do two full platoons so my friend lets me just have one )
    281 points

    Fast attack
    3 sentinals, one with multilaser, one with heavy flamer, one with lascannon, all with xeno fighters and hardend fighters (all as seperate units)
    180 points

    Heavy support
    Leman russ with lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, hunter killer missle, storm bolter, track gaurds, extra armour.

    Basilisk with inderect fire, storm bolter and hunter killer missle, track gaurds
    353 points

    Any advice would be good, but these are the only models i have.

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    this ain't too helpful but you need 2 troops minimum. don't bother with carapace armour for the foot sloggers, not worth the points. heavy flamer on sentinels is a bad idea, and don't bother giving your tanks upgrades like storm bolters as the spare points will buy you more men(a must for IG) :w
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