Hum... The realisation dawned on me the other day that as I sit here slowly amassing various forces for 40K, I haven't got anything more than a 1000 point army for the Dark Eldar, and the rest of my efforts lie around waiting for me to invest the money to finish them. Now it's struck me that rather than adding a little on to each force at a tim, maybe I should concentrate on each of my forces in turn until they're 'finished'.

I have 2 Kroot Carnivore boxes, a whole pile of Dark Eldar (This is the only 'finished' army, and even then, it could use more wyches), A mis-match of Witch hunter bits because I can't decide whether I want to go Sisters or Zealots and a handful of smurfs which I got to induct into the Hunters.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, other than my sudden realisation that my months of collecting have produced a hideously uncontrolled sprawl, and the feeling I needed to mention it here.

Now I'm off to write down some hard and fast army lists, and work out what I ought to be buying next....