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    Well il start from the beginning. There are 2 shops in our city. The Atomik the one I go 2 and play and the games world that just opened. Alot of the Atomik players (That treated the terrain badly etc). went to the Games world and now see the Atomik players (Me and my mates hopped in last summer ''recruiting'' new player bringing the total of 5 players to 20-30) and now some of those Games world are coming to the Atomik to make fun of us because alot of us are new. They chalanged us for a 2 vs 2 batlle (One of our own peepz joined there side in the 2 vs 2 batlle FFS) and off course as one of the veterans im playing vs them to defend the shops ''reputation honour'' or however you want to call it. Because one of them is quit noob I decided to ally with a player that also aint a vet (To make it fair).

    Im gonna play with my DE (Feel my wrath&#33. And my teammate is gonna play with nids (1500 pts). I dont have a 2500 point army of myself but all the starters and players that have some stuff left borrowed there DE stuff to me so im kinda unlimited with my range of models ^^. I decided to screw the opposing team to make a WWP list lettign the nids come out of the portal ripping trough there army before they can be shot. (A nid players dream ^^). So here it is my ally gave me 500 of his points to get more portals for him.

    Head Quarters:
    Archon with:Agoniser pistol combat drugs shadow field talismen plasma grenades.
    Hes joining the wych squad youll see later on.

    Hamo: Scissor hands destructor talisman WWP
    Hamo: Scissor hands destructor talisman WWP nightmare doll.

    9 wyches wych weapons plasma grenades succubus agoniser pistol.
    Raider torture amp horror fex.

    9 wyches wych weapons plasma grenades succubus agoniser pistol.
    Raider torture amp horror fex.

    8 wyches wych weapons plasma grenades succubus agoniser pistol.
    Raider torture amp horror fex. (Archon joins this squad.

    Warp beast squad 1 beastmaster 5 beasts

    Sniper squad
    Sniper squad
    Sniper squad

    15 man carrying squad (14 warrior 1 sybarite) 2 splinter cannons (syb ago+pistol and WWP)
    15 man carrying squad (14 warrior 1 sybarite) 2 splinter cannons (syb ago+pistol and WWP)
    15 man carrying squad (14 warrior 1 sybarite) 2 splinter cannons (syb ago+pistol and WWP)

    Fast attack:
    3 bikes 2 with blasters 1 succbus with xenospasm plasma grenades talisman.

    3 hellions (Needed to fill points )

    Heavy support:

    Total 2500 points.

    Ally: (dont know his exact list but it should be something like this.)

    Fully tooled HT
    Fullt tooled HT

    Some warriors I guess.

    Somewere around 30+ genes.

    1 old one eye
    2 carnifexes with 2 weapons each (should shoot 8 times a piece he said.)

    My list should be capeble of getting at least 1 portal up if you ask me. 45 warriors aint easy to kill. The hamos wak behind the squad with a extra WWP in case they are gonna mindwar.

    The nid player wants to hop out of my portals and assault. I doubt about his list tough I prefer 3 biovores (they always hurted me as a eldar players). And he should get something liek cheapass gaunts and some ripper swarms imo. Well discuss his list later on.

    Were facing a (vet) chaos army as far as Ive heard and a (well newbie) Eldar (Biel tan) army. I dont know how the vet plays but I know wat the general tactics of the newbie is. Get 2 WL's 1 falcon with storm guardian squad with 2 flamers 1 warlock with destructor. 2 waves 1 with 8 banshees 1 exarch w/exocutioner joined by a farseer with fortune witchblade etc. Other one with striking scorps also a farseer. 5 dark reapers perhaps 1 vyper and 1 guardian squad. Thats his main army. He boost everything turn 1 and hopes it survives turn 2 unload and assault.

    If you would do any things different tell me im open fo all kinds of ID's. Also I dont know anything about nids (except they always die due to my agonisers). so any decent nid list combines with mine wil lbe even mroe appreciated the batlle is tommorow ill tell how it went. I aint gonna lose this batlle fro ma arrogant player that calls every1 noob and makes fun of us. I REFUGE to lose from such kind of players and therefor im asking for comments. TY in advance.

    Bjorn van der Heijden.

    (P.S) I know I posted the same topic in the DE section but thats because the De players can judge my list and the peepz here can judge both lists and tell me wat we should take from our own experience.

    However with that statement out of the way, I would say listen to ArchonBjorn. He has a really good tendency to not say stupid things and give bad advice.
    Learn from yesterday.
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    Your list looks pretty good as far as i can tell. The Tyranids comon out of the wwp is gonna own them.

    Goodluck with the battle.

    Thats realy all i got to say

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