Throughout the years, many a people have wandered throughout the universe seeking creatures to train and throw into intence Pit-Fights. Some failed, never able to show their face again. Others made millions and was known to everyone. Can you take up your creatures and geneticly mutated plants against the fight?

Welcome to the new world of Pit-Fighting, GW has recently released the Warhammer 40,000 mini-campaign "Creature Feature". In Creature Feature you make custom monters, best of their breed, and climb up the charts in intense Pit-Fights against your friends. The objective is easy, become the best known Pit-Fighter in your Tournament.

The rules are quite simple, it being a Warhammer 40,000 side campaign. It is played with the basic rules of 40K, but you make your own Creatures and Florae, only get 100 points. With these points you can forge your victory, gamble left over points to upgrade and add new models. The guidelines they give you for playing are extremely changeable, they are only meant to be guidelines. You want to come up with your own way of gambling? So be it, wanna add some special stats? As long as your opponent agrees thats fine. This game is totally up to your bidding, and you dont even have to use it to pit-fight! You can play regular games with the Creatures you make!

Want to create the most powerful and unique creature in the galaxy? You can with the "Creature Creator". You can chose from a small, medium, or large sized creature and equip them with special attributes to alter their stats and abilities to make it all come through. You can also decide just how your creature moves around, wether it flys or can run like a horse. You want a small little suicidal plant? You can, you want the biggest slaughterer? All up to you.

Welcome, my friend, to the world of Pit-Fighting, where your creatures will fight to the death in gladitorial combat. This will serve as the main Pit-Fighting topic where you can post your custom creatures, rule additions, and other ribbons and bow. Here is an example of a Creature I have made using a Codex Format:

Crasyer: Pts45 WS5 BS- S5 T5 W1 I4 Ld10 Sv4+

Size: Medium

Number/Squad: The squad consists of 1-5 Crasyer.

Locomotion: Quadrupedal

Duplicating Attack: The Crasyer’s attack infects the target with a mutagenic virus warps the victim’s genetic material so it resembles the Crasyer. If the Crasyer causes at least two causualties (after saves) in a close combat in a single round, roll a D6. On a roll of a 5 or a 6, place one duplicate of the Crasyer within 2? of the combat. This duplicate may be placed in close combat, but does not count as charging. The duplicate has the same stats as the Crasyer except it has one wound and does not have the Duplicating Attack ability.

Hit and Run: At the end of any close combat phase, if the Crasyer did not flee from combat, it may immediately break from combat and fall 3D6? in any direction. The models previously engaged with the Crasyer may only consolidate.
Also, here are some useful websites and files:
GW Creature Feature Site
Creature Feature Packet (Copy into URL bar)

Also, pretty soon I will be posting a Codex I made with these rules, Ill keep you informed! Codex: Warp Creatures So Far (Copy into URL bar)

Fight to the Death,