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    HQ : 351 pts
    Canoness with Celestian Bodyguard - Banner Bearer, Celestain Sisters (Multi-melta, and boltgun) Orders Hospitaller, Orders Dialogus, Orders Famulous with Storm Trooper Squad.

    Celestian Squad
    Veteran Sister Superior Callista
    Preacher Antonius
    Celestian Sisters (6)

    Troops: 110/110
    Battle Sister Squad Bernadette
    Veteran Sister Superior Bernadette
    Battle Sisters

    Battle Sister Squad Felicia
    Veteran Sister Superior Felicia
    Battle Sisters

    Heavy Support: 215
    Retributor Squad Phistinius
    Veteran Sister Superior Phistinius
    Retributors with Heavy Bolters
    Immolator Mk I with Heavy Flamers

    Total Points: 987 pts

    What do you think Mel??

    I am also planning on a Landraider conversion for my sisters, for the HQ!!

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    411 (x8)

    OK so I am not MEl - but for what it is worth-
    1. you are not listing any wargear, you not taking any?
    2. you are more than ten points away from a 1000 point limit but still have squads without preachers in them
    3. I believe spending more than 300 points on a HQ in a 1000 point army produces an unbalanced army
    4. where are the storm troopers detailed/points, from memory shouldnt they be in the elites section although they dont fill a slot?
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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