210 Luicius the perverse exalted daemon prince of slaanesh- mark of slaanesh, daemonic aura, daemonic essence, daemonic mutation, daemonic resilience, daemonic strength, dark blade, plasma pistol, combat drugs, spiky bitz

288 Chaos Marine squad Cephasus- bolt pistol etherlance 6 boltpistol ccw 2 plasma pistol ccw frags rhino mutated hull extra armor smokes

240 Chaos Marine squad Annovel- 8 bolters 1 heavy bolter 1 plasmagun rhino pintle combi bolter havoclauncher

250 Chaos Marine squad Methelas- 8 bolters 2 plasma guns rhino pm combi bolter havoc launcher

200 Chaos dreadnought The Angel of Blades- 2 dccw 2 tl bolter destoyer living vehicle mutated hull blasphemos rune

200 Choas marine bikers 3 tl bolters 2 meltagun skilled riders

150 Predator autocannon sponson lascannons

total 1501

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