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Thread: Tau Army List

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    Tau Army List

    I am a beginner in 40K, and new to Librarium. I'm trying to get an army list together in time for some battles in the Enemies of the Imperium campaign. This is a 1500pt list that I put together, and I need help tweaking it. Please reply. Thank you.

    Shas'el, plasma rifle, missel pod, sheild generator (100pts)

    6 Stealth suits, Shas'vre with markerlight, bonded (210pts)

    Crisis team, Shas'vre with hardwired drone controller and 2 gun drones, all 3 with plasma rifle, missel pod, and multi tracker, bonded. (232pts)

    12 Fire Warriors, photon grenades, Shas'ui with markerlight, bonded (162)

    12 Fire Warriors, photon grenades, Shas'ui with markerlight, bonded (162)

    12 Fire Warriors, photon grenades, Shas'ui with markerlight, bonded (162)

    20 Kroot (140 pts)

    8 Gun Drones (96 pts)

    Hammerhead with railgun, smart missel system, disruption pod, vehicle mounted multi tracker, and 4 seeker missels (220pts)

    Total Points: 1484

    I would like to include some broadsides, but don't know what to drop. Please help!

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    Welcome and long live LO!

    Fisrt off, Marker lights only belong in Pathfinder squads. Stealth teams are most efect just using thier Burst cannons.

    I'm Iffy on the use of Photon Grenades, I'd rather take them only if I know I'll be assaulted, otherwise there kinda useless.

    Drop the Markerlights and the Seeker Missiles, drop 1 Crisis Suit and plit the other 2 to seperate Slots. then you should be able to get at least 1 Broadside. If you get more make sure you only have 1 per slot.

    Drop the Gun Drones on the suit, Bonding isn't really woth it, having the Shas'ui should be enough for the FW squads.

    I also sujjest you hold off buying anymore Tau stuff. As thier due for a revision just before X-mas, they may or may not change things, but better safe than sorry right? I'm sure if you keep an eye out for news you'll find out more about whats changinging and whats not.

    Other than what I stated above, the list is pretty solid. If you have any questions give a holler.

    Just don't forget, if you want to do things your way thats great and I support that, it's best that if you plan on keeping let us know, I'll fully support anything you do.



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