I know i will be playing a lot of marines with my tau, so

first the list:

Ethereal 50

5 man stealth team 150
3 man crisis team plasma rifles, missle pods, multitrackers 192

10 man fire warrior squad 100
10 man fire warrior squad 100
10 man fire warrior squad 100

Broadside multitracker 75
Broadside multitracker 75
Hammerhead ion cannon, smart missles, multi tracker 150

total 992

now, some mindless banter, i mean analysis

running the numbers, the stealth squad are just as good at killing marines (tactical, not those annoying termys), as these statistics show, as long as i am not making an idiotic mistake:

Stealth: 15 shots x 1/2 to hit x 2/3 to wound x 1/3 to by pass armor =
1 2/3 marines dead

Crisis: 3 shots ( i know they can have more, just see me through here) x 1/2 to hit x 5/6 to wound x 1/1 armor save=
1 2/3 dead marines

ok, so in rapid fire range the the crisis do have more shots, not to mention the missle pods, but they also will cost 42 points more, which could be used on other things, and the stealth have the vision reduction ( a dead suit means no shots at all) and infiltrate. so i included both, as they are not to far in effectiveness at killing marines and other things, so that i would like to have both factors in the army

also, the hammer head is great with its ion cannon, a real killer, and with all three i have three mobile killers that can claim quarters and objectives, with the fire warrios and broadsides creating a nice little fire zone. 'sides great for taking out those rinos, preds, and raiders.