I've been tinkering around with the Dark Eldar for a couple years now, but never really made an army, can someone give me some help on what to have in it. This was my idea for a 1000 pt. dark eldar army

-Dark Eldar Retinue
-1 Archon
-w/ shadow field
-w/ agoniser
-w/ poison blades
-4 Incubi
-1 Raider
-w/ disentigrator
Total=250 pts.

-6 Wyches
-w/ Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
-1 Wyche
-w/ Shardnet and Impaler
-w/ Haywire Grenades
-1 Wyche
-w/ Hydraknives
-w/ Haywire Grenades
-1 Wyche
-w/ Razorsnare and Falchion
-w/ Haywire Grenades
-1 Wyche
-w/ Blaster
-1 Raider
-w/ Dark Lance
Total=172 pts.

-Warrior Squad
-8 Warriors
-w/ Splinter Rifles
-2 Warriors
-w/ Dark Lances
Total=100 pts.
-Raider Squad
-1 Raider
-w/ Disentigrator
-5 Warriors
-w/ Splinter Rifles
-1 Warrior
-w/ Blaster
-1 Warrior -w/ Splinter Cannon
Total=145 pts.

Fast Attack
-Reaver Jetbike Squad
-1 Reaver
-w/ Splinter Rifle
-2 Reaver
-w/ Blaster
Total=110 pts.

Heavy Support
-2 Talos
Total=200 pts
Grand Total=997 pts.

---Thanks for your Help---