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    Looking to Start a New Army..

    Hello. As many of you may have assumed, I'm looking to start a new army. I currently have Space Marines, and a number of them at that. I'm looking into either Dark Eldar or Eldar, but I'm not sure which way to go.

    Could anyone gimme some pros and cons of each, and some suggestions of what I could do with either of them?

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    Well, great thing about the Eldar is that they have such a diverse selection of troops that you can make them into almost anything you'd want.

    I myself am a Dark Eldar man, and out of all the armies I've used (tau, IG, Necron, Chaos, Blood Angel, Biel Tan, and of course DE), I prefere Dark Eldar by A LOT. This is all my opinion of course, and other people may differ, but here is why I enjoy using the Dark Eldar:

    1. They are a HIGHLY mobile army, matched only by the Eldar and rivaled only by Ork Speed Freaks

    2. They have some of the most wicked hand to hand units (incubi, wyches, bikes, and even warriors), that can take down anything in the game. They have some very unique wargear that allows them such advantages as CC weapons that wound on a 2+ or always wound on a 4+ with no armor saves

    3. Not only are they fast and hit hard in Hand to Hand, but they also have some of the most devastating shooting in the whole game. Dark Lances are a very abundant quantity and very inexpensive for what they do (not to mention the fact that you can fit up to 4 special/heavy weapons in a basic warrior squad). Ravagers absolutely TEAR IT UP! With three plasma cannons on each one, you can make swiss cheese out of the most heavily armored units in the game.

    4. They excel in fighting against armies with low numbers and good armor saves (in a 1500 point game I usually have 17 AP 2 weapons and 11 power weapons), such as space marines, necron, chaos, and daemonhunters. And since those seem to be the most popular armies on the battlefield, you should have a huge upper hand in almost any fight you get into.

    5. Most gamers out there have no expereince against Dark Eldar (mainly because few people use them), and thus they always expect a game against DE to be a breeze for them (usually they end up eating their words because few non DE players really know anything about any of the DE units).

    One of their only drawbacks is their frailty, but as long as you get them into hand to hand, you're good to go, as some of the Dark Eldar units (wyches) get additional defense bonuses when in close combat.

    I could go on a bit more. If you wanna see my army list I use in tournament play for some ideas, or discuss tactics with me, just PM me and I'll give you my Instant Messenger screen name. I'd love to help someone get started on a Dark Eldar army.
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    I play Dark Angels because I wanted a shooty army with a twist; enter the specialist armies of Ravenwing and Deathwing. It feels like 3 armies in one, lots of scalability. I'm proud of this army because it's the most cohesive and well thought out force I own.

    I play Ultra Marines because they will probably never get dropped by GW and they are a nice all rounder force. They are the popular choice of noobies everywhere and it's a nice army to bring out when I just want to go with the flow. Plus I don't care if I win with them so I can concentrate on socializing and being silly.

    I play Dark Eldar because they are mainly a CC oriented army with great mobility and don't play like any other army I've looked at. Plus sometimes it's nice to play an 'underdog' army and be the black sheep of my gaming club. A very nice counterpoint to the Ultramarine stereo type. I tend to get the most 'into' this army and trash talk a bit. I love slaughtering the other guy with this army.
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