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here is the list comments welcome.

DOGS OF DECADENCE1850 Pts - CSM: The Lost and the Damned Army

Lord-Commander Euphoric (Chaos Lord) @ 170 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Combi-Melta
Combat Drugs
Daemon Armour
Daemonic Mutation
Dark Blade

Major Malice (CSM Aspiring Champion) @ 105 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Power Weapon ; Bolt Pistol
Daemonic Essence
Daemon Armour
Combat Drugs
1 snarph (Chaos Hound)

3 TekMorphs (Obliterator Cult) @ 210 Pts

7 Storm-Squad Despoiler (Chaos Space Marines) @ 235 Pts
CC Weapon ; Bolt Pistol ; Plasma Gun

Captain Mortess (Aspiring Champion)
Daemonic Talons

Chaos Rhino
Mutated Hull
Dirge Caster

10 Storm-Squad Degradation (Chaos Space Marines) @ 165 Pts
CC Weapon; Bolter ; Lascannon ; Plasma Gun

8 Recon Squad Gamma (Traitors) @ 108 Pts
Shotgun ; Flamer ; Frag Grenades

Senior-Sargent Talleck (Agitator)
Power Weapon; Bolt Pistol; Frag Grenades
snapper (Chaos Hound)

15 Troop-Squad Alpha (Traitors) @ 145 Pts
Lasgun; Missile Launcher ; Grenade Launcher; Frag Grenades

15 Troop-Squad Delta (Traitors) @ 145 Pts
Lasgun; Missile Launcher; Grenade Launcher; Frag Grenades

8 Troop-Squad Omega (Traitors) @ 74 Pts
Shotgun ; Grenade Launcher; Frag Grenades

8 Mech-Squad beta (Traitors) @ 132 Pts
Shotgun; Flamer; Frag Grenades

Chaos Rhino
Dirge Caster

2 Stalkers "Feaster" "Indescribable " (Sentinels) @ 110 Pts

1 Stalker "Debauched" (Sentinel) @ 45 Pts

1 The Manskinner (Chaos Defiler) @ 205 Pts
Battle Cannon; Reaper Autocannon; Upgrade to Havoc ML
#Daemonic Possession
#Havoc Launcher
Mutated Hull
Dirge Caster

Models in Army: 86

Total Army Cost: 1849