Do you think that will work? Thinking of:

Emperors Champ 105pts
Chaplain, Holy Relic 110pts

Callidus 120pts

Troops 660pts
5x6 SM, Plasmacannon+Plasmagun, BP+CCW
1x6 SM, Plasmacannon, BP+CCW

Fast Attack
3x1 L.Speeders w/M.Melta 195pts

Heavy Support
3 Preds w/Autocannon, 2 Lascannons 375pts

Strong shooting AND good CC. 6 Lascannons, 3 Autocannons, 3 M.Meltas, 6 Plascans and 5 Plasguns. Good in CC with the BP+CCW config, Holy Relic and the Vows.