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HQ =320
Archon w/ Shadowfeild, Agoniser, SP, CD, Haywire grenade, and Hell mask-140pts
5 Incubi-125pts
1 Raider w/ DL-55pts

Troops =631pts
Warrior squad
10 warriors (2 w/ DL)-100pts

Raider squad x3-531pts
9 warriors ( 1 w/ blaster, 1 w/ Splinter Cannon)-87pts
1 Sybarite w/Agoniser and SP-35pts
1 Raider w/ DL-55pts

Fast Attack =183pts
4 Reavers (2 w/ blaster)-120pts
1 Succubus w/ Power weapon, tormenter helm, and plasma granedes-63pts

Elites =223pts
9 wyches w/ wych weapons (2 w/ blaster)-127pts
1 succubus w/ agoniser and SP-41pts
1 Raider w/ DL-55pts

Heavy Support =140pts
1 Raveger w/ x3 Disentigrators and Nightsheild-140pts

TOTAL: 1497 pts