Hey, after reading parhaius' codex in the imperial guard army - i made the following army (2000 pts)
It is disigned as a Arbites Quick Response and Execution Force, changing the veterans doctrine to sharpshooters. in this case all troops can deep strike if allowed, even if not stated on list. I have placed all heavy weapons in HQ for ease so that the rest can easily assault and suppress the rebels.
My thanks goes to Parhaius as A) i like the idea and I now have good ideas for my arbites in Necromunda
Please comment on the list

Chief Justice - MC Power Maul, MC Plasma Pistol, Refractor shield, Medallion Crimson, Macharius Cross, Trade mark Item (aquila on helmet), meltabombs, Carapace special doctrines, Iron Discipline doctrine, sharp shooters doctrine, frag and krak grenades, master vox and 3 plasma guns.

Special weapon squads - snipers and carapace

Special weapon squads - carapace, flamers and meltabombs

Fire support squad - heavy bolters (3), carapace, sharp shooters

Fire support - autocannon (3), carapace, sharp shooters

Anti-tank - missile launchers (3), carapace, sharp shooters

TOTAL HQ= 831 (yeah alot i know but bear with me)

Veterans (10) Shotguns, Vox, Carapace, grenade launchers (3), veteran with power weapon and honorifica Imperialis

TOTAL = 169

Adjudicator with carapace, iron discipline, power weapon, sharp shooters, 3 grenade launchers
Squad - veteran, vox and grenade launcher
Squad - veteran, vox and grenade launcher
Squad - veteran, vox and grenade launcher
Squad - veteran, vox and grenade launcher

TOTAL = 420

platoon # 2 - as above

TOTAL = 420

'Assassin' suppression Sentinel type XIV
- lascannon, armoured crew compartment, camo netting, smokes, searchlight, rought terrain modification

TOTAL = 80

Sentinel - as above

TOTAL = 80