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    I am new to the game AND to this site. I have played for 2 months max.

    The Army I am going for is v. beardy and I am looking to see how it will do. I definantly want to keep the style but I am not gonna mind suggestions. I am only fielding 21 units which means I am worried of being shot to bits by starcannons or whatever.

    1 Chaos lord with:-
    Terminator Armour, daemonic essence & Rune, combi-flamer and power weapon, Mark of Undivided and Furious charge and frag and melta bombs.

    Accompanied by a retinue of 4 termies with, power weapon, chainfist, Reaper Autocannon and combi-melta (rest as standard).

    1 Chaos Liutenant with:-
    Terminator armour, daemonic essence, combi-flamer and Chainfist (unorthadox but I go against tank combanies all the time!!&#33.

    also accompanied by a retinue of 4 termies with: Reaper autocannon, combi-melta, powerfist and rest as standard).

    5 CSM with one lascannon and 1 plasma gun.

    5 CSM with one missile launcher and 1 plasma gun.


    1 Chaos Dreadnaught with:
    Plasma Cannon, Close combat/H.bolter, Havoc launcher and Mutated hull.

    There ya go.

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    Theres 1 thing wrong with this army. TOO SMALL!
    You need some more Chaos marines basic to bulk out your squads and numbers.
    The two squads of terminators are a joke. Trash 1 and ur lieutenant to take more marines.
    With that list you might have more success.

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