It's a Chaos generic list.

Lord Topeir Bimheroot
MoS, Lightning Claws, Chaos hound, frags, spiky bits, combat drugs, Daemonic: Aura, Essence, Flight, Mutation, Strength, Visage.

Lieutenant Kol Barak
Kai Gun, Chaos Hound, Daemonic Flight

The Hurricane
6 Possessed CSM w/ Daemonic Flight
includes Aspiring Champ w/ Power Fist, Spiky Bits, 3 Chaos Hounds

The One-Man Tornado

Rolling Thunder
6 CSM w/ MoS, Sonic Blasters all around
in rhino w/ smoke, extra armor, searchlight

Nimbus, Cirrus, and Mammatus Squads
3 X 5 CSM w/ MoCU, plas, heavy bolter, 3 BP&CCW
90 each

Altocumulus Squad
5 CSM w/ infiltrate, 2 plas, 2 BP&CCW
includes Aspiring Champ w/ Power Fist, Daemonic Mutation

Thunder, Lightning Squads
2 X 5 havocs w/ Tank Hunters, Night Vision
3 Missle Launchers, 1 Autocannon
170 each

Sonic Boom
5 Havocs w/ MoS, Tank Hunters, 4 blastmasters

Totals: 1849 points, 6 MLs, 2 ACs, 4 BMs, 5 Plas, 57 wounds, 1 vehicle

The Havocs castle up behind the screening CSM squads, forming a strong shooty firebase (or 2, or 3). Especially with tankhunters, they should be able to dispatch any rhino rush. They can deal with tough targets that poke their heads out of cover, and go toe-to-toe with any other shooty force in a castle war. The Heavy Bolters, combined with 10 blast templates, should hopefully handle any rushing swarm.

The plas/pfist squad can either supplement the castle, or infiltrate to cause some disruption.

I went with the decision to give both CC elements flight (as opposed to rhino(s)) for two reasons. First, to keep with the storm motiff. But, more importantly, this makes them tactically flexible. Flying the possessed costs 32 points more than mounting them in a rhino. This buys me several advantages. 1) They can hang out in the castle without getting their rhino shot, meaning they'll always be able to charge something 18 inches away, even against shooty enemies that will want to target the CC threat. 2) It takes advantage of their 5+ save. Counting the 3 hounds, it'll take 13 heavy weapon shots to get this squad below half strength, and that's not even counting cover. These guys will be great either counter-charging, rushing a castle and absorbing shots as they come in, or contesting a quarter. And you can't argue with a flying lord with max-rolls for damage and to-hit against tac sqauds, plus rerolls.

The sonic blaster squad can join the castle if I know I'm going to get a foot-slogger rush. Or, more likely, it can go off and provide some mobile fire support, or contest a quarter w/ its mobile rhino bunker. Combined with a deep-striking oblit, flying Kai gun, and infiltrating plas squad, there should be no place on the board I can't reach with my firepower.

Two rules questions regarding the list: Can an HQ w/ hound claim a quarter/objective?