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    basic tactics to defeat all armies

    Hello All i am trying to start somthing for newbs like myself. (I will always be a newb as i will never know everything.) Heres the deal. we all post general tactics to beat our army or type of army. after a bunch of peeps post i will try to make a guide out of it to post here for other players. Please keep it general.

    OK i will start with necrons(shooty):
    Necrons in this config tend to have a high amout of warriors, destroyers, immortals and heavy destroyers.

    Basic weaknesses:
    Shorter ranges.
    slow moving(warriors)
    phase out factor
    little to no cc ability

    Basic positives:
    lots of shot
    res orbs
    hard to kill modles.
    easly kill most tanks

    2 basic tactics
    1. focus most efferts to getting into cc with the warriors. power weapons and other things that remove the saves a plus. The warriors are the back bone and usualy consist of the bulk of the army.If you get a chance at killing off the lord(s) with a res orb take it. try to force phase out.

    2. Use alot of very long range guns to kill off their mobile fire power such as destroyers, H destroyers and immortals. this will weaken the armys fire power quite a bit.

    Please post your armys info or add to my armys info.
    thank you and lets get a good basic tactics list going.

    "One after one, by the star-dogged moon,
    Too quick for groan or sigh,
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.

    Four times fifty living men,
    (And I heard nor sigh nor groan)
    With heavy thump, a lifeless lump,
    They dropped down one by one"

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    WH40k tacticas and strategies:

    Well there's already lots of tacticas in the Articles and Forums so I decided to consolidate them into one post.

    Articles (tactics and strategies):


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    Table top phsycilogical warfare:

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    Dark Eldar:

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    Basic Guide:

    The Dark Eldar Faq.:


    Index of Eldar Articles:

    Eldar Tactica:

    Imperial Guard:

    Index of Imperial Guard articles:

    Enemies of Imperial Guard:


    Index of Necron articles:

    Tactica: Pariah:

    Necron Tactica 1: Manueverability:


    Starting Orks:

    Index of Ork articles:

    Space Marines:

    Index of Marine Articles and Faq's:

    Manueverability and Deployment tactics:


    Index of Tau articles:

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    Our mechanized Forces:


    Index of Tyranid Articles:

    Newbie Faq on Tyranid Units:

    Witch Hunters:

    Index of Witch Hunter articles:

    Kroot Mercanaries:


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