I'm not sure what name to give it yet, but i think its a really cool army. here ya go.

Captain Laertes (Commander) with Power Fist and Storm Bolter in Artificer Armour

Command Squas of Six featuring Veteran Sergeant Marcellus (Power Weapon/Bolter), Honoured Standard Bearer Diomedes (Standard/Bolter) plus two Marines with bolter, one with Heavy Bolter and one with Meltagun)

Chaplain Octavious with Plasma Pistol, Rosarius and Crozius Arcanum

Dreadnaught - Ancient Brother Titus - Twin Autocannon and CCW

Squad Aegeus - 5 Terminators including their Sergeant Aegeus. Mix of Power Weapons, Power Fists and Chain Fists.

Squad Alpha - 8 Marines including the Sergeant Antonio (CCW & Bolt Pistol). Squad is armed with boltguns, heavy bolter and flamer.

Squad Beta - 6 Marines including Sergeant Caius (Boltgun). Squad is armed with boltguns, missile launcher and plasma gun.

Squad Gamma - 6 Marines including Sergeant Scarus (Storm Bolter/CCW). The squad has boltguns, a lascannon and a plasma gun.

Squad Gallus - Scouts. A six man scout squad with Sgt Gallus (BP/CCW) a heavy bolter, two sniper rifles and bolters.

Squad Varrius - Scouts. Another 6 man scout squad led by Sgt Varrius. This is armed with BP+CCW and includes two shotguns

Squad Eta - Assault Marines.Six man squad led by the wily veteran Canidius (BP + Power Weapon), it includes two plasma pistols.

Squad Theta - Bike Squadron. Features three bikes plus an attack bike. The Attack Bike has a multimelta mounted, while there are two flamers and Sergeant Dercetus on bikes.

Landspeeder - armed with a multimelta.

Squad Iota - Devastators. A six man squad led by Sergeant Oberon. It contains 2 missile launchers, plasma cannon and a lascannon.

So all in all a 63 model army totalling 1900 points. Please tell me what ya think.